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About Us

Journey so far

At Everreadymeals, we promise to keep smiles on our customers faces, and leave your taste buds wanting more. Also, we promise a meal that brings good memories of childhood dinner time everytime you taste our meals. We started with the packaging of prevalent soups across Nigeria and promise to keep having new additions until we provide the whole meals of West Africa and the ultimate goal is to cover Africa as a whole and make African foods readily available.

How do we do it

Firstly all our ingredients are fresh from the local markets, our foods are prepared under a strict and high hygiene standards and we are well regulated by the local council. We prepare your meals, vacuum package them, freeze and they are ready to be delivered to you We supply weekly to stores around Manchester and also supply online to other parts of the UK.


Who are we

Yah we are Everreadymeals. We provide a combination of excellent freshly homemade African meals at value pricing with great and high standard packaging. If you’re looking for a readily healthy meal African cuisine is definitely worth your attention; the cuisine is primarily plant-based devoid of refined sugars and food additives, rich in fiber and vegetables are typically the star of the meals. These meals typically takes time to prepare not only because of the rich ingredients used in preparing them, but also because of the combination of these ingredients and the preparation processes. With Everreadymeals, we take the stress off you by preparing your African meals. So, all you have to do is just get the perfect combo of what goes with our array of meals choices.

Our Team







Effortless 5 minute meals for busy individuals.

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